lundi 12 août 2013

When I bought my second fake tama, I had to write a review. I didn't have the choice: we, fake-tamagotchis lovers, have been forgottened by the world. Look up the words ''Help with fake tamagotchi'' on Google, and all you will find is people complaning about how fakes exist and how it's such a crime to buy one.
But fakes can be funner than reals. Only thing, it was always all yours to discover; You couldn't find any help, anywhere. But now I'm going to make a real, big help website so nobody ever has to throw their fake to the garbage again, because they don't understand a thing to it.

If you have a fake tama and wish to help this world by posting a review, you can here! :) Post your review or walkthought in the comments down there and I'll put it as a post, giving you all credits.

--Product description--
Type: Can be compared to a real Connexion V2;
Size: Slightly smaller than a real average tama;
Weight: Lighter than a real Connexion V2;
'Bandai' is written on the battery cover... With words in an asian language written underneath.

 ALL THAT GLITTERS is the only seller that sales fake tamas on (3.39$/each)

I'm going to talk and do a walkthough about the most common type of fake tamagos. A pic:
Sorry for the beat up package. It came that way.

After you open the package, put it aside and grab the instructions that can be found at the botton of the little box. The instructions are in japanese (chinese?)  and in english.
Now don't get too excited!! The english translation doesn't make any sense... Don't even try to translate it into a proper english!
We'll have to go step by step together, to set it up properly.

So now, take your tama. You'll notice a white piece of paper sticking out of the tama, on the left (can't see it in picture). Don't be shy, remove it!

Good job. Now your tama is ''alive''. You'll hear a sound, and what seems to be a dog will appear to you screen. And it's a human, not a dog, by the way. But you can choose between him and another kind of pet. For this, press the A button (first one. Also called ''Select button) and look...

A bird just popped up! Again, it's not a bird, but a dinosaur. Oh well. If you want to get back to the human, press A. If you want to adopt the dinosaur, press B (middle button. Also called ''Decide button''). Your can't choose the gender.
If it's a dinosaur, you'll know it's a female if the baby's head is white, and a male if it's head in black.
If it's a human, then it'll simply look different depending on the gender (pictures down there).

After you have choosed your pet, ''N:'' will pop up. Uhh... It stands for 'Name:'. Press the A button to select the first letter in his name. When you're done, press B to go to the second letter. Made a mistake? Press C (third button! Also called the ''Cancel button'') to go back.

I choosed the dinosaur, and called it Kyo. A ''Happy birthday to you'' song will play, and a shaking egg will appear to the screen. After, it will hatch, and depending on what pet you have choosed at the beggining, it's babyfied Him will start waddling aroung the screen

You cannot choose the child's gender, however you can simply restart the game by pressing the gray button on the back, with a sharpened pencil.
So this took me a while to figure it out okay. Heres a picture of 2 dogs, different gender. Baby boys are quite hard to get, since Tamagotchis were most popular with young girls and at that age, girls hate boys. ^^

SET UP TIME: To set up the TIME, press the second button when no icons are appearing. You should then see the clock. Hold the first button during 5 seconds, until you see the word SET on the screen. To set the hours, use the first button. To change the minutes, the second button and the seconds, the third button (also use the third button to exit SET mode).

Your tama is now all set-up and you can now start playing!

On year 0, you're pet will only sleep, poo (both by himself), and eat. Yes, you will have to make him eat something. But unlike human babies, aliens have a huge appetite. And they don't drink milk: you can feed him rice, cake, fish, burgers, candy canes, apples and water (this is in the right order; the emotes will appear starting from rice and finishing with water).
So lets make him eat! Press the A button to skip through the icons, until a fork with a knife icon appears. Press B, and you now have access to a full selection of meals, snacks and beverages. Press A to browse through them.
Once you have made your choice, press B, aaand... What you have choosed will have pieces chopped off: your baby is eating.  Good for him!

After, you might want to make him exercice a little...
''Urrrgh... No other options work!''
Remember! Most people seem to forget and leave bad reviews on Ebay or Amazon: On the first day, like on the regular tamas, you have a very limited number of things to do.

Your pet might poo. If he does, a dog poo icon will appear on your down right, in the spot theres nothing in it. Pressing A, go to what seems to be a shovel. A toilet with it's lid opening and closing will appear on the screen, and there you go.
Don't let poo resting on your screen too long, or your pet might get sick! I'll talk about that later.

I might also fall asleep (you'll know it's sleeping when the tama will disappear, replaced by some huge ZZZ). On day 1, you can't wake him up (c'mon! It's still a newborn!). Later you will be able to. So let him sleep... But close the lights!
Go to the moon icon (next to the shovel icon). The ZZZ's will be replaced by something totally different:

It's really pretty. You can see some houses, with the moon and a big Z in the sky, signifying that everybody's asleep.
While the baby's asleep, I suggest we go check it's stats, to keep us busy.
Heres a little video showing everything. I will comment it here while you watch it (no sound).

I moved to the Stats icon with A, pressed B to enter. There we are. So first, we have the hunger bar. Then, the satisfaction bar. Next to come are, education and amusement bar.
The last thing you see is written in very big, 'SO69 YR00'. SO69 stands for 69 OZ (I think it's OZ. All I know it that, this is your pet's weight) and YR00 stands for Year: 00 (a real human day equals to a tamagotchi year... When the tama is 3yr +. On the first day of taking care of your fake tamagotchi, it will go from year 0 to year 2. You just have to take good care of it, and it will grow 2 years in one day, this day only).

TIP: You can hold the C button when no icons are appearing, and the stats will pop-up in quick mode.

So this concludes our Year 0. We have learned, viewed, done all the possible actions up-to-date.

So lets wait until tomorrow.

You can check this little reminder I did, if you want.:
To be uploaded

The following chapters are important.

Year 2. ((Year 1 doesn't exist))
What I had written: ''On the first day of taking care of your fake tamagotchi, it will grow from year 0 to year 2. You just have to take good care of it, and it will grow 2 years in one day, this day only.''
So on the 1st day, it grows 2 years. On day 2, 3, 4, 5 and +, it only grows 1 year (per day).
Why? Because, the tama is a baby until year 2. Until then, you can't do anything, except feeding, cleaning the poo and closing lights. Veeery fun (boring). They didn't want to bore players during 2 whole human days, so this explains the accelerated growth process on the first day.

Sleep Cycle
Theres one thing I forgot to tell you guys: Fake tamagotchis don't always sleep at night, and you cannot pause them, neither mute them. I've passed a horrible night, my tamagotchi on my bed table, calling me and calling me for no reason all night while I was trying to sleep. And since the tama's screen doesn't make any light... Urr... At 5am, exhausted, I took my Ipod to light the screen while I was feeding fish to my dumb, new child.
But when it feels like sleeping (when it's energy bar is low), then you'll have to wake him up in the morning.

Surviving alone
I think I have been a chicken-mom. Fake tamagotchi are stronger than real ones; they can spend more than 10 hours alone, with an (nearly) empty stomach, deseased and depressed, without dying. I think they can survive 12 hours in these conditions, but I'm not really planning on testing that.

The 2 games
There are 2 games you can play: Game I and Game II. You can find them under the ball icon.
In game I... Urrg I have no idea.
In game II... Well this one is easy! Press multiple time the B button to make the boy run, until it's close to the soccer ball. Then, don't stop! Press B button multiple times again, really fast, to set the power with which the boy will hit the ball into the net. If it goes over the net, or doesn't reach it, you lose. If you lauch the ball with JUST enough power and it goes into the net, you win!

My tama... Sings?
It's actually a timer. :) When you first untab your Tama, it's set at 12am. Go to the Time section, press A, and hold A. You'll see ''SET'' appear, and there you go! Same thing as changing the time.

Connection connected
Fake tamas won't connect to other times of fakes, neither to real tamas.
You will need 2 fake tamagotchis. They both must be at least 2 years old, be the same kind of pets (two dogs or two dinosaurs) and be from different genders (a boy and a girl).
Day 2 = become friends
Day 8 = go out
Day 12 = marry
However, when I tried connecting it didn't work very well. After like, 50 tries, one out of two succefully scanned the other... it glitches a lot, not worth getting another to try the Connection option!

To be continued in a few hours; please add this website in your faves, and come back later! :)